PAC has over 40 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing secure access control products and integrated security solutions.

The PAC access control range has been designed to provide unbeatable reliability and functionality to meet the rigorous demands of the residential, educational and commercial market sectors. There is a range of customer options to enable the PAC access control system to be tailored to suit a variety of customer requirements. With a focus on high security, reliability and an ease of installation & maintenance we offer access control solutions that deliver affordable security for the customer. PAC is designed to integrate into customer's IT networks with fully featured management software that can also be provided within a secure cloud hosted service.


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Access Control Overview

Access control is used to secure a building by controlling who goes where and when. Electronic access control is managed through security tokens that are configured to permit access to doors secured within the access control system.

The diagram below illustrates the access control process flow:

PAC Access Control Overview



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PAC System Overview

The PAC product range is a well-established suite of products to provide flexible and user friendly access control solutions for the commercial, educational and residential markets.

The diagram below illustrates the door entry process flow:

PAC System Overview




PAC Access Control Range

Below is an overview of the PAC access control range, which can be tailored to suit your customer's requirements.


Door Controllers


PAC Controllers are the heart of the PAC access control system on site. Supporting a variety of deployment options and with an extensive range of features, PAC Controllers deliver on-site security in an easy to deploy package.

Input/Output Controllers

Controller 520

I/O Controllers support a number of inputs and output relays for connecting and driving additional devices on site. The I/O Controllers provide actions based on event driven rules set-up and managed within the PAC Management software.

 PAC Readers


A large range of PAC readers are available to deliver reliable operation in all environments. From the latest aesthetically pleasing Architect Reader range with smartphone ID capability, to the highly robust Vandal resistant PAC Readers, there truly is a PAC Reader for all.

 ID Devices

ID and Mobile Device

PAC ID Devices come in a range of forms (token, card or mobile) and technology types that enable a variety of user and security options.



  PAC Management


PAC Software PAC Management Software is a fully featured software solution that is integrated with PAC controllers and readers to provide a
powerful tool for the configuration and daily management of PAC access control systems. Further information is available here

PAC Options

Modem Kit

A range of accessories and supporting components for ease of installation and management of PAC systems. 

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