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About Housing Central


GDX supports cost effective and simple remote management of the GDX system through the use of the Housing Central cloud management service. Using a state-of-the-art gateway on site to provide secured end-to-end communication to the cloud platform across the high availability mobile broadband (LTE) network enables high quality communication from site to cloud.

Accessing Housing Central could not be simpler. Once ordered User Administrator(s) will be defined to control all operator accounts. A simple, but secure, onboarding process is managed through Housing Central with an automated email based registration process. Role based privileges cane be defined to enable configurable read/write access flexibility for operational purposes.

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Features & Benefits


There are many benefits to a cloud hosted management service including:

  • Fully managed service that simplifies installation and in-life management through providing secured communication and a customer friendly user interface in a single package
  • Enhanced operational efficiency through web enabled operator access for all management, monitoring and configuration tasks
  • Near real-time event management to ensure you have an up to date record of what is happening on site and the health of the GDX system.
  • Reduced equipment on site by removing the need for dedicated servers and software for managing the GDX system.
  • Remote keyholder management for easy maintenance of the keyholder database.
  • Improved business continuity through the automatic back-up of the valuable keyholder database.
  • Built on the latest security standards to protect your business and end-users including:
    • TLS 1.3 encryption for all data communications.
    • Secured mobile communications using a private mobile APN.
    • Zero-trust provisioning processes to ensure only GDX equipment can provide data to Housing Central.




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