PAC EasiNet™ Residential

Access Control management with enhanced security that is specifically designed for residential customers.

EasiNet Residential is designed to support residential deployments with customer focussed features and a dedicated User Interface for configuring and maintaining security through electronic access and building controls to single location or multi-site residential estates.

Current Version: 4.6.583, released 10th February 2021
NEW Features available 31st March: Version 5.3





Access Control Management


At the heart of EasiNet Residential is the configuration and management of the PAC on-site electronic Access Control system including:

  Keyholder management for residents and staff through the adding, modifying and deleting of Keyholder's ID Devices.

• Access control options that can be applied at an estate, block and individual residence level.

  Access Groups for easy allocation of keyholders to access privileges.


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IT Friendly


EasiNet Residential is a software package that suits easy IT deployment onto Windows based servers or as a cloud hosted software solution through PAC's Residential Cloud offering.

Supporting multiple operator access either:

  Directly on the server.

  Via a web browser across the customer's internal network.

  Via a web browser across the internet for Residential Cloud.

Connectivity to the on-site access control system can be provided over the following means:

  Traditional dial-up

  Over-air-IP (Mobile)




Simple Building Management


EasiNet Residential enables easy expansion into more feature rich building controls that support enhanced security and people safety policies including:

  Fully featured Lift Control that offers a range of options from simple 'Lift Call' feature to full 'Lift Control' that restricts Keyholder's to specific floors within the Block.

  Powerful Event to Action capability to drive 3rd party equipment, alarms and notifications.

  Operator friendly monitoring through the Control Centre User Interface that combines all elements of event tracking, cctv monitoring, etc into a single pane of glass.


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Enchanced Security and Safety Features


PAC's Event to Action capability supports a huge range of additional security features including:

  Ability to plug in 3rd party inputs from sensors (e.g. motion sensors) to provide Events that enable automated alerts or actions.

  Activiation of 3rd party equipment such as lifts or alarms.

  Notification of events through Control Centre.

PAC supports the ability to integrate CCTV video monitoring into the PAC Access Control system including showing live video feeds, DVR integration, event timeline search, evidence capture, event activated driving of a PTZ camera pre-set position.




Monitoring and Alarm Management


EasiNet Residential provides a reliable data collection source for all access control events across the PAC System that in turn support audit trails and scheduled or ad-hoc reports.

In addition, PAC enables expansion of event management to other building equipment/sensors using the PAC I/O Controllers.

EasiNet Residential is able to simplify an operator's role through providing a single pane of glass for monitoring and maintaining access control as well as building and security events. Adding the CCTV viewer for integrated video surveillance means that EasiNet Residential provides a single User Interface (UI) for operators to secure and maintain safety of the residents and property.




Download PAC EasiNet™ Residential


Version 5.3 | Available 31st March
Version: 4.6.583 | Release date: 10th February 2021
Download the ISO file (February 2021)
USB Driver | Release date: 10th February 2021
Download the ISO PAC USB Driver 2.1.9
Software Install Guide
Download the Software Install Guide


View the PAC EasiNet™ Residential range and upgrade options


EasiNet™ Residential Software

Part Number: 909052909

EasiNet Residential comes with support for

• 200 Doors
• 50 Dial-up Channels
• 50 Direct Channels
• PAC 2100/2200 and Easikey 1000 support

EasiNet™ Residential Professional Edition

Part Number: 52915

EasiNet Residential Professional comes with support for

• 750 Doors
• 500 Dial-up Channels
• 100 Direct Channels
• 25 Org Units

EasiNet Residential 10 dialup channel

Part Number: 13967

• Extra 10 ial-up channels

EasiNet Residential 50 dialup channel

Part Number: 13968

• Extra 50 dial-up channels

EasiNet Residential 10 door pack

Part Number: 13969

• Extra 10 door pack

EasiNet Residential 50 Door Pack

Part Number: 13970

• Extra 50 door pack

Additional Client PC Upgrade V4.3.271

Part Number: 52910

• Additional Client PC upgrade

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