GDX™ Audio & Video


What is GDX™ Audio & Video?


GDX Audio & Video is the next generation of Door Entry system that offers IP based communications across the system for quality audio and video calling. Designed for simple install in residential and commercial environments and built to deliver reliability of operation, the GDX Audio & Video system can be deployed wherever there is a need to secure a property, support easy end-user access provide effective visitor management. The addition of video calling greatly improves the security within the estate as it allows the resident to see as well as talk to the visitor requesting access. This visual authentication is proven to reduce the number of unauthorised visitors accessing the secured estate.

How GDX Audio & Video works


All products run into the Secure by Design accredited Interface Board to deliver added security measures. This system also provides flexibility to adapt as the customer’s property needs evolve.

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Want to know more about GDX Door Entry Solutions?

Download the GDX Product Catalogue to learn all about our GDX Audio Lite and GDX Audio & Video solutions, including the benefits to the installer and end user. The catalogue also provides product features, part numbers and management overviews.


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